Last of the Monster Kids

Last of the Monster Kids
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Friday, July 1, 2016

Bangers n' Mash 91: The Scariest Movies

For the ninety-first episode of the Bangers n' Mash Show, JD and I had originally planned a topic that we should've gotten to a long time ago, a discussion about a major hallmark in horror history. However, he crapped out on me and didn't watch the movies he said he was going to. Which is why we had to throw this thing together instead.

It's an episode pointed towards settling the debate about what the scariest movie of all time is. In order to do this, we read a whole bunch of internet list. Some of these - such as the one assembled by the fine folks at They Shoot Zombies, Don't They? - are meticulously detailed, researched, and put together. Others, I'm certain, where tossed together in a few others. (One, weirdly, comes from Reader's Digest.) We don't come to any conclusions by the end but several titles constantly reoccur throughout these many lists. It's not a great episode but I did my best to turn a negative into a positive. The next episode, I assure you, will be better.

IN OTHER NEWS: A new Director's Report Card will start tomorrow! As with the previous one I undertook, it's another fairly large project. Because I'm insane! Stay tuned or whatever the internet blog equivalent of tuning is.

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