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Last of the Monster Kids
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Friday, July 15, 2016

The So Weird Podcast!

So remember how, over the last three Halloweens, I reviewed that old Disney Channel show, "So Weird?" Sure you do. A while ago, my reviews were linked to on a So Weird message board. Turns out, this relatively obscure series has a small but faithful fan base. About a month ago, I decided to lurk on said message board for no particular reason. I discovered one of the forum members were planning on starting a podcast devoted to "So Weird." I don't know what compelled me to do so but I contacted them on Twitter and, before I knew it, I had a guest appearance on the first episode.

That first podcast was devoted to "Family Reunion," which is also the debut episode of the series

I expected this to turn into a one-off gig but apparently my co-hosts like me enough to keep me around. They even talked me into doing the active hosting duties on the second and third episodes. It would appear I'm slightly more comforted in front of a microphone then they are. Here's episode two:

Just being a guest host on another show is a very different experience then what I'm used to doing with the Bangers n' Mash Show. I don't have to record the episodes myself. I don't have to spend upwards of several hours editing and fine-tuning the episode. It's a much more relaxed ritual, as I just pop in and talk about a half-hour of television. Don't expect the Bangers n' Mash Show to become informal though. My OCD will make sure that'll never happen.

Here's the most recent episode, in which Emily, Kathy, and myself discuss "Memory," the third episode of "So Weird."

it's been an interesting experience so far. Both of my co-hosts are a bit younger then I. They're far more active in the modern aspects of fandom, being regular presences on Tumblr and Twitter and such. There are times when I feel slightly out of place recording with these twos. However, I do like being on the show and, schedule permitting, will probably continue to appear on it for the time being.

I doubt I'll post the episodes that often here, seeing as how this is Film Thoughts and not TV Thoughts. But I might add a post similar to this, just to periodically remind this is an extra thing I'm doing. The Tobe Hooper Report Card will resume later in the day. Good night.

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