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Last of the Monster Kids
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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Bangers n' Mash 93: Hammer Horror

Told you this would go up on the 31st, which it still is in certain parts of the globe.

The latest episode of the Bangers n' Mash Show has Zack and JD returning to a former topic. We're discussing the films of Britain's most iconic horror studio: Hammer! While we've discussed some of the studio's biggest franchises before (or will some day), this episode is devoted to some of Hammer's one-offs and oddball flicks.

If I'm being totally honest, this episode is a compromised affair. Once again, my co-host let me down and only bothered to watch a third of the films we had agreed to discuss. In order to make up for this, I solo recorded some thoughts on the other movies we intended to talk about. However, this month has been exhausting and extremely hectic. Time was running out and I made the decision to cut out my thoughts on "Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde" and "Demons of the Mind." I'm sure the twenty people who regularly listen to the show will be really broken up about this. I'm really sorry this episode sucks. I worked hard to get out what I could in the time I had.

FURTHER UPDATES: So remember how I said there would be another Memories article this month? This too is a casualty of how insane my life has been. If you want to know the truth, my grandmother had a heart attack two weeks ago. She's slowly been dying and these family details have been taking over my life. In other words, July has been a bit of a mess.

However, I sincerely hope August will be better. I don't know when but I promise that the new Memories essay, as well as another stand-alone review, will be up at some point this week. A new actor's retrospective will begin on the 8th. That is set in stone, I promise you. To anybody reading this: I'm sorry I let you down and promise I'll do better this month. See you soon.

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