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Last of the Monster Kids
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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Viewing: Fourth and Final Week

The viewing sort of tapered for me this week. Work and classes made it hard to get up and put in a DVD though luckily Turner Classic Movies line-up was uniformly excellent.

Halloween was a bit of a disappointment, admittedly. I didn’t have any plans, didn’t dress up, and sort of had to throw something together at the last minute. JD was over again. In between movies, we pulled out the classic Playstation. I got killed a lot in the original “Resident Evil” but then proceeded to own his ass a half-dozen times in “Darkstalkers 3.” We pigged out on Reese's Sticks and odd creation from our local pizza parlor called "Pizza Nachoes."

We had three trick-or-treaters which might not sound like a lot but is an improvement over the zero we got the past two years. Glad I picked up candy just in case.

October 25th:

The Blob (1958)
It’s pure camp from beginning to end but I’d say the title creature’s inherited ick-factor rightfully insures it’s status as a minor classic (And it’s place in the Criterion Collection!) (7/10)

Die, Monster, Die! (1965)
The gothic sets produce some fine atmosphere but, whoo, this one gets goofy before it’s over. (6/10)

S. Darko (2009)
Yes, it doesn’t balance the sub-plots, characters, or the inner logic of its universe as well as the first. And yes, the way it basically restarts the story several times is a cheat. However, I was really surprised by how well-made this is and was drawn in by the lead character and it’s story. (7/10)

October 26th:

Trick r’ Treat (2008)
Doesn’t beat “Creepshow” at it’s own game but at least some of the hype is deserved. I’d say the last story was the best. (7/10)

Season’s Greetings (1996)
A really cute short to build a feature on and I love the Charlie Brown gone evil look. (7/10)

October 27th:

Halloween 4: Return of Michael Myers (1988)
Formulaic sequel with one or two fun ideas. (Like Michael attacking a redneck lynch mob in the back of their pick-up truck.) Man, the mask and costume looks bad in this one. (6/10)

“Lost Tapes:” White River Monster
The whole episode takes place within a very small area, which makes for kind of stale viewing. (5/10)

The Children (2008)
I haven’t seen a lot of killer kid movies, but it’ll be hard to top this one. (8/10)

October 28th:

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1978)
There are few horror movies more fascinating then this one. (9/10)

October 29th:

Captive Wild Woman (1943)
I can see why Paula the Ape Woman never became as iconic as the other Universal monsters. (5/10)

Repo! The Genetic Opera (2008)
I’m beginning to think I must be a closet goth or something for liking this one so much. (8/10)

Halloween (1978)
You know, why did the sequels have to throw in the brother-sister connection? Myers stalks Laurie Strode because she showed up at the house that day. To build a mythology or back story around the character is ridiculous because it’s his distinct lack of those things that make him interesting in the first place. He’s just The Shape, the shadow, the other, the random cruelness of the world given form. (9/10)

October 30th:

Mad Love (1933)
I love all the macabre little details, the fantastic atmosphere, and Peter Loree’s career-defining, fantastically creepy performance. (9/10)

Dead Snow (2009)
Oh sure, we’ve seen most of this stuff all ready but, damn, I had a good time. I’d say it surpasses “Shock Waves” as best Nazi Zombie flick. (8/10)

October 31st:

Dinosaurs: “When Food Goes Bad”
“You killed Cabby!” is pretty much burnt into my brain from repeated childhood viewings of this episode. (7/10)

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! (1966)
This Kindertrauma article makes me appreciate the Great Pumpkin even more. (8/10)

Garfield’s Halloween Adventure (1985)
Not even the Garfield Minus Garfield method could improve this subpar effort. We really didn’t need those musical numbers. (5/10)

Night of the Creeps (1986)
Sure is nice to see this movie in high-definition after so many years of TV recordings and bootlegs. (9/10)

Aqua Teen Hunger Force: The Shaving
Willy Nelson is probably my favorite ATHF one-off character. (7/10)

The Shining (1980)
This is a good transitional movie. It’s scary as hell, making it perfect Halloween viewing, but its wintery setting gets you ready for the season ahead. (9/10)

So... That was Halloween. I'll do better next year.