Last of the Monster Kids

Last of the Monster Kids
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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Bangers n' Mash 39: Godzilla: The Showa Age Pt. 1

Kaiju Month isn't quite concluded here at Film Thoughts. I know, I know, I've uploaded like six updates today. Originally, I had planned to put the "G.M.K." review up on Monday, post the reviews for the Kiryu films yesterday, and post the final two Millennium movies today. However, I mysteriously lost internet access over the weekend. So that's why I've piled five reviews on you guys today. I'm fairly proud that I manage to wrap up such a large project within the space of a month and some change. I'm all ready for you now, new Godzilla movie!

Also today, because everything waits with the last minute with me, the latest episode of the Bangers n' Mash Show went up. As promised, it is also about Godzilla. Here, we cover the first eight films of the Showa era. As long-time readers/listeners should know by now, I draw extensively from the reviews I've posted here over the last several weeks. However, I'm actually fairly pleased with the way this one turned out. While I still ramble a plenty, JD is unusually engaged in the topic this week.

Kaiju Month is technically over just yet. Obviously, there are three more Godzilla-themed Bangers n' Mash episodes coming and I intend to review the new Hollywood Godzilla flick as soon as I see it. However, May is going to be a little more low key for me. Come on, guys, I technically posted a review every day this month. I usually only do that in October. Give me a break. Which isn't to say I'm not planning stuff. Actually, I should have a new Director's Report Card ready before June begins. Hopefully! Nobody's reading this so I don't know why I'm going on but you'll probably hear from me again soon.

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