Last of the Monster Kids

Last of the Monster Kids
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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bangers n' Mash Triple Feature

 I said you wouldn't hear from me for a while. I've been so busy getting ready for October that I've kind of been forgetting to upload the most recent batch of Bangers n' Mash episodes here. No, I haven't been slackin' off. Amazingly, we've actually been keeping up our schedule. Here's August's episodes and our most recent episode.

I'm lazy so, if I've done a director's report card, odds are good I'll be doing a podcast about it too. I blatantly, obviously recycle my notes. I had actually planned on posting this episode here after wrapping up my Wes Craven report card but, because that took so much longer then expected, I kind of forgot about it.

Once again: I recycle. Considering their importance to the genre's history, I think the Scream series deserved it's own episode.

This is our most recent offering and it strays from our usual nerd/superhero talks. I've been fairly open about my anime fandom before but, going into such detail about, especially childhood favorites like Digimon or Dragonball, made me a bit self-conscious. Oh, well. No one listening anyway.

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