Last of the Monster Kids

Last of the Monster Kids
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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Director Report Cards Rules

The main project I'll display here are my Director's Report Cards. The goal here is sit down and watch all of a director's films or all the entries in a series, write a short-ish reviews for each film, and then give them a letter grade.

Of course, some directors have directed a lot of things: commercials, TV shows, short films, music videos, etc. Because I'm lazy, I'm excluding all of those before mentioned items. (I'll occasionally make an exception for short films.) Uncredited work will also be excluded. The focus is definitely on features.

TV movies are tricky. Their reviews depend solely on availability. In other words, I'm not willing to pay one-hundred dollars for a used VHS copy of John Carpenter's "Elvis" just for completest sake. I'll try and include television pilots that are over an hour since I consider them TV movies.

If this project interest you at all, I'll direct you to http/ who more or less inspired me to do this.

Expect the first report card to show up soon.

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