Last of the Monster Kids

Last of the Monster Kids
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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It's a Horror to Know You!

Today, I was featured on the front page of always entertaining horror website, Kindertrauma. I filled out their It's a Horror to Know You survey. Some of the people looking at this probably came from there but I figured to drop a link here for the handful of my regular readers who might be in interested. It's a good write-up.

Unkle Lance even complimented my taste in film in the comments below. I didn't intentionally focus on indie film but you can't deny that's the sort of thing I tend to like. I especially like how the line-up of pictures makes this look like a role-call of notable women in horror.

Anyway, I've got more content coming. A new Director Report Card, for a filmmaker with a big movie coming out in the next few weeks, is just about done. I hoping to get a new Bangers n' Mash episode up before the end of the week. Might have some more stuff cooking here and there. Stay tuned!


Andrew Barr said...

Hey, Thanks for mentioning me in that interview!

Andrew Barr said...

I meant to ask, is there a monster I haven't done yet you'd like to see me draw?
let me know.