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Friday, August 1, 2014

Bangers n' Mash 46: Dracula Through the Ages

July went by quickly, didn't? I apologize for the lack of updates here of late. The month has been extremely hectic. I'm hoping to turn that around this month but I probably shouldn't make promises.

Anyway, here's the latest episode of the Bangers n' Mash Show. There was some talk about vampires on the Facebook recently which is coincidental but appropriate. In this episode, JD and I discuss the greatest of all vampires: Count Dracula, himself. We mostly focus on the Hammer films but squeeze in a few other notable Dracula flicks. It's a good episode.

Like I said, more stuff coming soon. Hopefully.


whitsbrain said...

I'm not a big vampire fan, but this was another great listen. You guys rolled through a ton of movies.

Let's see...Dracula. I've seen the Lugosi original a few times and I really love watching it on the Universal Monsters Blu-Ray set. The only Hammer Horror Dracula I've seen is "Horror of Dracula" which is actually quite cool, but I don't like it as well as the 1931 Lugosi. I have seen half of the Hammer Frankenstein films. Would you say they or the Dracula series are the better of the two? You guys have me very curious to check out more Hammer.

I have seen Bram Stoker's Dracula and liked it quite a bit. It's not great but Gary Oldman was awesome and I really thought the early scenes with him as "old" Dracula were truly creepy.

I even remember watching Dracula 2000 in the theater. Not a good movie by any stretch, but I had this thing for Jennifer Esposito at the time.

For the record, "Nosferatu" is okay. It brings on the shudders when Count Orlock is hanging around in the shadows.

Lastly, 1932's "Vampyr" is absolutely otherworldly. I'm not sure that I ever knew exactly what was going on but the imagery of the movie is, well, it's like you're watching something that someone with an old camera just shot and you happened to see it by accident. But it also had some stunning, haunting imagery.

Bonehead XL said...

The Frankenstein series is a bit more experimental, which makes it probably more interesting then the Dracula series. However, the Drac series is a bit more consistent as far as quality goes. I'd say it's an even split.

"Vampyr" is one I really need to revisit. I saw it years ago, real late at night, on TCM and was drifting in and out of sleep at the time. (Which might have been the ideal time to watch the film.)
I mostly remember thinking it felt more like a silent film despite technically being a sound movie.

whitsbrain said...

It was an early talky and it was mostly silent. Thanks for the feedback!