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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Bangers n' Mash 48: The Thing (1982) Commentary

There's no reason for my co-host and I (mostly I) to work so hard on getting two episodes of the Bangers n' Mash Show out a month. Our listeners, few though they might be, are clearly a patient lot, considering weeks can go by between episodes even within the month.

However, I feel bad about the Ninja Turtles episode being so late, even if it was because of my personal hardware problem. So JD and I got together to record a commentary episode which can be released very quickly because of their very nature. It's for John Carpenter's "The Thing," as requested by one of our listeners. They require usually zero editing, which makes them both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because, again, they can be released immediately. A curse because they sound like shit. All of JD and I's stammering, pausing, unrelated blabbering, and gross mouth-noises has to stay in. Case in point: At one point, the dog barks. And at another time, the phone rings. JD and I ramble off-topic repeatedly and, sometimes, just quietly watch the film. It's terrible and I apologize. Hopefully somewhere in this incoherent two hours, you can gleam something entertaining or insightful.

Anyway, our next one will be better. More reviews and a Director's Report Card coming soon.


whitsbrain said...

Now only do I like your podcasts, but "The Thing" is my favorite movie. I used to lump it in my Top 10, then put it up there with "Raiders of the Lost Ark" and the original "King Kong" in my personal Top 3. Now, I've just decided it is my favorite, period.

It was unnecessary for you to apologize for the detours you guys took during your commentary. I thought it was interesting. You brought up some very cool topics and I thought I'd respond to a few of them.

So, I am old enough that I could have seen "The Thing" in the theater as a teenager. But guess what I saw instead? Yes. E.T. I have kicked myself repeatedly for years over this mistake. And just to show my movie street cred as a snot-nosed punk, I saw the original "Star Wars" in the theater as a 13-year old...six times.

Oh, and when I was growing up during the late '70s and '80s, I didn't really think much about nuclear war. I grew up in a small town and knew that I wasn't exactly living in an area that would be a prime target. It seems I was an uncaring bastard even then.

At the conclusion of "The Thing", I don't believe either Childs or MacCredy is the Thing. I think they just freeze to death. But you did get me thinking, perhaps Nauls or Gary weren't killed by Blair and could have become the Thing, but both would likely have been blown up during the explosions in the camp.

I'd definitely put John Carpenter's "Christine" high on my list of his films. I'd place it after "The Thing" and "Halloween" and probably after "Big Trouble In Little China". It's very underrated.

I also co-host a biweekly podcast where we cover episodes of 1980's TV Anthologies like "Tales From The Darkside", the '80s "Twilight Zone", the '80s reincarnation of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents", even dabbling in "The Ray Bradbury Theater" and "The Hitchhiker". I know that it's not easy to stay on topic for a regular podcast. I can't imagine how tough it would be to keep focused on a movie commentary.

I just bought your book on Amazon as some kind of sign of my appreciation. Again, thanks for all you do!

Bonehead XL said...

Wow, thanks for the incredible feedback! E.T. is a pretty great movie too so I wouldn't kick yourself over seeing it over the Thing.

I too consider Christine underrated. I did a Carpenter report card a while back, if you're interesting in looking at those.

If you wouldn't mind, I'd love for you to post a link to your podcast. I'd like to give it a listen.

And, finally, thanks for purchasing my book. I'll let you know that a newer revision is coming soon that will stamp out the spelling errors in the current revision. This self-publishing thing is tricky... But, anyway, thank you again, greatly appreciated.

whitsbrain said...

I have read through some of your John Carpenter report cards, but I was going to re-watch some of his movies that I haven't seen a dozen or more times, then read through your articles. I'll be sure to leave comments.

So the podcast I help out on is called 80s Anthologies: Episode By Episode and you can find it on iTunes or Sticher or you can just check it out here:

I don't co-host all of them, but the ones I do will have "Whit" in the episode description. It is a minimally edited podcast, but it's got good sound quality and it's more about opinions about the episode than it is a fact-reading, IMdB session. Overall, people have told me they enjoy the back-and-forth Doug and I have, especially our nostalgic takes on the episodes. Thanks again!