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Last of the Monster Kids
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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Bangers n' Mash 72: What is Horror?

When you've been in the horror fandom for as long as my co-host and I have, you start to think about certain questions. Why do I like this stuff so much? Why does the horror genre, and all the grotesque and macabre qualities that come with it, appeal to me so much? Before answering these questions, we have to decide on what horror even is.

These were the sort of things on our minds when we agreed to do this episode. The resulting forty minutes that followed digressed in some interesting ways. JD and I even found ourselves talking about big philosophical issues like death, the afterlife, the existence of the human soul, and hands ghosting through walls. It's an interesting episode and a digression from the sort of thing we usually do. Give it a listen!


Anonymous said...

Are you in the Los Angeles area? I met Edgar Wright when he was curating a series of classic films he'd never seen (he's also a work associate of my roommate) at Quentin Tarantino's theater. I asked him if this movie would ever be released on DVD, and he said something to the effect that it would not.

Bonehead XL said...

(I'm assuming you meant to post this under my review of "A Fistful of Fingers?")

I'm an east coast guy, so no. It doesn't surprise me that "A Fistful of Fingers" will probably never be re-released. Quasi-student films of famous directors probably belong on convention bootleg tables.