Last of the Monster Kids

Last of the Monster Kids
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Monday, December 29, 2014

Bangers n' Mash 56: Christmas Vacation 2014

2014 is nearly over. As I try to cram in as many new releases as possible within the next two days, there's still one more thing to do before December is over: Post the last Bangers n' Mash episode of 2014! Like last year's post-Christmas episode, JD and I don't really discuss any one specific thing. We talk about some Christmas-y things, before moving on to Batman, frustrations with Netflix, superhero movies, and the new releases were excited about for next year.

Mostly though, we do our best to thank our listeners and followers. 2014 was the year the podcast grew the most, with the Facebook group gaining steam and a few active listeners giving us feedback. Seriously, I can't thank you guys enough. For the first time in its nearly three year existence, the Bangers n' Mash Show felt like a worthy endeavor. Thank you a million times over.

As for Film Thoughts, as I mentioned above, I'm busy putting the finishing touches on this year's Film Retrospective, which will go up on the 31st, as always. The Film Preview, giving a more in-depth look at what I'm interested in 2015 including my top ten most anticipated films, will go on the first day of next year. Merry belated Christmas, happy New Year, be safe and prosperous, and let's look forward to many more years like this one!

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