Last of the Monster Kids

Last of the Monster Kids
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Friday, January 13, 2012

So I started a podcast... Kinda'.

So I decided to start a podcast. You can mostly blame the guys at Horror Etc. for putting the idea in my head that I can actually do this.

Of course, the big thing that has kept me from starting the podcast all this time is that, A) I have no money for file hosting. And B) I have no idea how to step an RSS feed or anything like that. All of this stuff is more complicated then I can figure out on my own. For now.

So, I just dumped the whole thing into a Youtube video. Presumably, I'll eventually figure out how to actually do this for real.

It's called the Bangers n' Mash Show, by the way. The general focus of the show will be on horror movies, with occasional digressions onto other topics. The focus of the first episode is on the Universal Monsters movies. Please listen.

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