Last of the Monster Kids

Last of the Monster Kids
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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

So... Update.

I know I haven't updated "Film Thoughts" in more then a month. The reasons for this is, I've apperantly ran out of completed Director's Report Cards to post. There are a handful of nearly complete ones, like Mel Brooks or Wes Anderson, or ones that were complete until recently, like Charlie Kaufman and David Fincher. I soon as I see "Bolt" my massive Disney Animated Features report card will be done, so expect that soon. Things have been busy around here and I apologize for my inactivity.

So, in order to past the time the time, I'm see if I can't dig up some film essays/rants I've written over the years and post them.

Thanks for the support, readers.

1 comment:

Kernunrex said...

I just started the task of collecting the "Official Disney Animated Canon" -- likely, this has a little bit to do with having a daughter now. Still, the blu-ray of Sleeping Beauty is neato.